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How To Transfer Money on Fufapay

How To Transfer Money on Fufapay

Transfering momey on Fufapay is ad easy as having fun seating on the beach 😍. There are two ways to transfer money on Fufapay 

  1. Local transfer 

Ensure you have deposited the transferring currency in your spot account. If you want to transfer locally all you need is the Fufapay account holder’s email address. 

*ℹ️the email must be the one the beneficiary registered with on fufapay*

  • Login to your account (you must have performed your KYC verification before you can transfer )
  • Select the SPOT account  
  • Click the Transfer Button and select local transfer. Now you can enter the details properly

Local transfers on Fufapay are instant and fast.

  1. International Transfer

Fufapay international transfer button gives users the ability to send money abroad to loved ones, the country’s that Fufapay supports will always be displayed on the money transfer page. 

So let’s say you are in Ghana and you wish to transfer money instantly to someone in Rwanda or any other country Fufapay supports, the  you have got your problems solved with just a few steps 😍

  • On your account Dashboard navigate to your spot account, 
  • Click on the transfer button  and select international transfer
  • Fill the necessary details .

ℹ️ Remember you must cross-check all details properly the third party account name must match the destination account name you filled in this form.

  • You will receive an email allowing you to authenticate the transaction approve it if you are sure of the details and that is it Fufapay will inform you that your transaction was successful with the transfer proof to your beneficiary 
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