Fufapay launches the Prepaid Card wallet

(This is a general announcement the details given here might not be available in your region)

Dear Fufans

Fufapay is launching the prepaid card wallet on the user *Accounts* page. Users can also apply for personal Fufa prepaid cards. Directly from their account portal.

About the Fufapay prepaid card 

Since 2022 the card was first introduced by the Bord of Director for Fufacarwash physical branches as a means to give customers 20% discount on any wash.

From that time onwards The Fufa prepaid. Ard has evolved into a very important transactional tool not just for the carwash but also for the Fufa ecosystem hence the needs came for partners who now needs this card to purchase products in the ecosystem,

To be able to log into their account to perform transactions on the card.


  • You can recharge or deposit into your Fufa prepaid card from home
  • You can check balances, history and transactions on the card.
  • You can apply for a prepaid card and get it delivered to you at the comfort of your house
  • You can transfer funds from your spot account to other domestic or international Fufa prepaid card holders
  • If you forgot your card while at Fufacarwash, you could ask the secretary to debit directly from your card.



  • You can not withdraw from the Fufa prepaid card, only locked balance maybe redeemed at the end of the service according to the contract signed for partners.
  • You can not purchase or make purchases with this wallet system outside the Fufa-ecosysterm.


  1. Visit your account page
  2. Click card wallet button

(Fufapay reserves the right to amend or cancel this announcement without notice to you at anytime)

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