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External Withdrawal Tips

  • New accounts can’t withdraw externally until 24hours after account creation learn more.
  • The Regular checkout method auto-adds your request to the general withdrawal request queue which is based on first come first serve this can take up to 30mins or more learn more.
  • If Other wallet is selected for Receiving wallet, charges may inflate, you will be informed before we proceed.


  • You must be logged in to make transfers globally or locally
  • You can start the transfer process from your Fufapay account Dashboard by clicking the *TRANSFER* button 
  • You should have deposited the amount you want to transfer in your Spot Account other wise your transfer will not go through
  • Ghana Receivers can only receive through Mobile money for now
  • Every currency have a minimum amount to send on Fufapay check before sending, you can also contact support for this details anytime

Your Fufapay security pin can be updated or created via your account dashboard.

Fufapay will never call you to ask for your security pin, this is a four digit number that enables you to perform transactions on Fufapay you must keep and secure it properly.


Note that if for some reason you forgot or reset your Fufapay pin even after reverification, you will not be able to perform any transaction for 48hrs. for any further help on the matter Contact support.

  •  If your loan has been approved it means that you have undergone all physical evaluation. If you are confused about these evaluation contact your Fufapay Agent, and if you don’t have one click here to see details about our loan process click here
  • If you have gone through the process and you just got the message from your Fufapay Agent you can claim your funds instantly from our Branch closest to you or by making the withdrawal your self.
  • The difference is in the withdrawal fee, and timing, when collecting the available funds Physically at our branch it is fast with no fee added. Making a request to withdraw via online might take up to 24hours plus the withdrawal fee. for more details on the matter speak to a customer support agent or talk to your Fufapay agent

For any enquiries you cant find here kindly contact support