How to Deposit on Fufapay

Requirements; You should have a means of transferring or paying money to Fufapay, currently we support bank transfers in Nigeria and mobile money transfer, or Depositing at our physical branch in Togo


  1. On your account Dashboard, click Deposit
  2. Select your type of Deposit (Cash or Crypto)
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Click on the currency you will like to deposit. The payment method(s) for that currency will show up.
  5.  Copy the Fufapay receiving details, make the payments from your bank or mobile money and save the picture  or copy reference code (Txn ID) of the receipt from the mobile money agent or bank narration details
  6. After your payments are successful,  click on the upload receipt and upload a picture of the receipt. Or paste the Txn or Reference code in the box Wait for it to upload.
  7. Click on the Payment Complete

Your account will be updated as soon as payment reaches Fufapay.


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