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How To Play Now

  • Two or more persons will play against each other and the winner will go with the cash price.
  • See LIVE PLAY tab for awaiting players
  • You must be a Fufapay registered member before you can play if you don’t have an account yet click here.
  • You must have at least $20 in your Fufapay account before you can play against other players. To credit your Fufapay account click here.
  • Kindly chat with the Online Agent for any assistance.


🟢Live Play


Gamebook Guide

How To Join A Bet


  • Click on *Gameboard menu*
  • Navigate to *Live Play*
  • In the *Open Bet* panel you can see open bets, type of game and other players waiting. click the *Join now* to bet

⚠ You must have an account here and deposit at least $10 into your Fufapay account. Read more here

PvP / Tournaments Explained


This is Player 1 vs Player 2, it involves only two players. Both players select a game and bet on it with their (FFC) Fufacoin📀 The winner takes the prize.


Here competitors engage in a series of matches in games to determine the winner(s). we have 1st runner, 2nd runner and 3rd runner up. which means if you are good enough to come in 2nd or 3rd you get some Fufacoin as well


When a player bets or joins a game the Bet or Staked Fufacoin for that game is withdrawn from their main account into their funding account, where it is held until the winner of the game is decided .

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