Finance Platform For Fufanetwork

Save to Buy On

Save here everyday from as low as 200 ( NGN,XOF) for 30 days to shop on

Pay for Products or Withdraw Profits after Sales on

Here you can deposit money into your Fufapay account to shop on Do you sell on or want to start selling? then you can withdraw your funds here after sales is completed to your customers.

Fast Payment For Physical Services 

You can request for a Fufa Prepaid card, which you can use to purchase services at our branches : FufacarwashFufatrade across every physical branches we have in West Africa.

Locked Savings Plan to Start your Shop On Fufatrade

With our locked savings plan you tell us your financial target. We work out a simple Savings plan and give you access to that target even before your repayment is complete. We also connect you to manufacturers of the products you will like to start selling on

Cryptocurrencies and Forex trade signal groups :

Sell your BTC and USDT for cash to trusted merchants on our platform, receive premium signals to trade the forex financial markets, please see the Crypto & Forex trade page for more.

Handle all your transactions from your mobile gadgets, transfer, receive money from Fufapay account Holders across currencies

How It Works

  • You create your account, login to your account portal
  • Select the payments you want to make e.g Fufapay transfer or International transfer
  • Fill the beneficiary details and we do the rest

Our businesses’ are legally registered in the countries where we operate, this enables us to bring in products directly from manufacturers that are far from you to your door step. So you can Shop from any category on ; Household items, gadgets, Car-parts, Electronics, Fashion, and interior decoration items.

Available to Nigerians &Togolese. you can buy in wholesale as an individual or as a group of business people. To start shopping now click👉 SHOP NOW

Crypto and cash Exchange : Our customers asked now we have delivered. we are glad to tell you not only can you shop with us and pay with crypto, you can now exchange your cryptocurrencies for cash through our third party agents that are verified, this is to ensure purchasing of good and services on Fufanetwork is a hassle-free experience for our lovely customers.

Trading Signal Group: Our expert’s have over 9years of experience trading the financial markets and would want to also give opportunities to those Africans who are interested in changing their financial status. If you will like to receive signals to trade Forex and crypto then you are welcome to subscribe here on Fufapay. 

After you have registered you will be added to our daily signal alert broadcast group. 


DISCLAIMER: Your money is at risk! you can lose your money trading the financial market, subscribing to our trade signals means you are doing that at your own risk and Fufapay, Fufanetwork or the third-party experts offering these services on our platform will not be held responsible for your loss but you. to know more about our mode of operation kindly visit the Crypto and forex Trade page

Do not disclose your Fufapay card transaction pin.

Keep your login credentials safe from scammers.

Your Dailypay, or Savings card is your personal property do not give access to people you don’t trust.

If you misplaced your Fufa Daily pay card contact support immediately

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