Financial Solution By Fufa

Daily Payments & monthly withdrawal

Save everyday from as low as 200 ( NGN,XOF,GHS ) for 30 days to withdraw with monthly benefits or for UpTo 90 days & become eligible to receive a double of what you have saved as loan. Apply Now 

Deposit and withdrawal of money

Deposit, top up or withdraw money from your Fufapay account online or one of our branches, shops in your area. 

Domestic & International money transfer 

Fufapay makes it easy to send money to loved ones and partners. From your phone you can send money from Lomé to Cinkassé or from Accra to Abuja.

Fast Payment For Physical Services 

You can request for a Fufa Prepaid card, which you can use to purchase services at our branches : Fufacarwash, Fufatrade across every physical branches we have in West Africa. 

Buy & Sell Crypto, Gift Cards Instantly

 Fufapay makes it easy for you to be able to buy and sell your crypto and gift cards without stress. 

Money Exchange

Are you living in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Israel ? All you need to easily exchange your currency is a Fufapay account. Use the swap button and we will do the rest. 

You can have a personalized account whether you want to Start dailypayments, Apply for a Loan, Exchange currencies.  Are you just interested in sending money to your loved ones in another country like UK, Israel, Nigeria, Togo & Ghana ? then welcome to Fufapay.

Handle all your transactions from your mobile gadgets, transfer, receive money from Fufapay account Holders across currencies 

How It Works

  • You create your account, login to your account portal 
  • Select the payments you want to make e.g Fufapay transfer or International transfer
  • Fill the beneficiary details and we do the rest

And even if it is your first time here our Agents are always available to help you through your financial needs. Contacting us is very easy

Fufacare Online

Do not disclose your Fufapay card transaction pin. 

Keep your login credentials safe from scammers.

Your Dailypay, or Savings card is your personal property do not give access to people you don’t trust. 

If you misplaced your Fufa Daily pay card contact support immediately

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