Fufapay was established in January 2022, and commenced operations in March of the same year as a the financial platform for Fufanetwork. Fufapay has been created to help solve the financial needs of all Fufanetwork ecosystem from Fufacarwash, Fufatrade and more. 

After so much requests from our customers for a platform where they can save or store their financial assets to access all of our products through this platform, Hence Fufapay came into existence to satisfy their desire.

Now our customers can deposit into their Fufapay account on Monday, wash their car at Fufacarwash on Thursday, shop with Fufatrade on Friday and pay for all from their Fufapay account anytime any day. Fufapay 


Fufapay will continue to offer specialized financial services such as Savings Management, Daily payment and  Loan to our customers and relatives. For now we intend to limit these services to only Fufanetwork customers.

PR & Marketing : marketing@fufanetwork.com

Business Development : business@fufanetwork.com

Banking : fufacare@fufapay.net

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