Vendor Contact Form (#49)


Welcome and thank you for choosing to trade your crypto for cash with me. Kindly read the following terms & conditions

1)I don’t sell crypto i only buy crypto (BTC/USDT/ETH) from you and give you cash in the supported currency NGN,FCFA


2)You bear all responsibility of how you acquired your cryptocurrencies

3)No refund no matter the situation so ensure you are okay with the current rate before clicking trade

4)I will only pay you when all network confirmation has been made from your transfer

5)My receiving wallets might change from time to time so ensure you are cleared to send payments before sending crypto

6)My rates are not stable and fluctuates according to current market price fill the preform below to see rates

7) Transaction can take between 2mins to 1hr depending on your speed to send and your banks network. but i do my best to keep the records i have which is swift payment’s

8) You will be redirected to a chat portal for a one on one smooth transaction with me.

Finally please fill the pre-form below and click trade (I am online and ready for Bit and Bulk transactions.)

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