Frequently Asked Questions

Account Functions

  • What is Locked Savings Plan ?

    Daily pay savings plan :

    Meaning: Savings for over 12 months gradually at an agreed price this savings can be made daily, weekly and deposited into the users Fufapay account, or collected by a registered Fufapay agent through the secured tablet and gives back a receipt to confirm this payment.

    How To Do ? : 

    • Subscription to the Fufapay Locked Daily-pay account
    • Minimum duration of savings 12months
    • Contribution of minimum savings of 17500 FCFA to the Locked account
    • Receipt Printed after each transaction, Online or Physically
    • Continuous deposit daily or saving weekly
    • Sms and email confirmation of the transaction at the end of the day
    • No withdrawal is allowed on the Locked Dailypay account

    If you want to more about our Locked savings account please click here 

  • How do i create an account on Fufapay ?

    You can register for a Fufapay account with your email address easily with a few taps. 

    1. Visit and click on register
    2. follow the instruction by entering your correct details
    3. Click on the register button and you will be redirected into your account
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